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What do we offer

Professional photos of goods with a perfectly white background in your 1C accounting system, ready for uploading to an online store

Conveyor streaming upload of photos directly from cameras with subsequent photo processing

How it works
Extension for 1C: Trade management via USB or WiFi connects to Canon and Nikon SLR cameras, uploads a photo, makes a perfect white background, for this you need:

Download and install extension for 1C: Trade Management 11.4

Connect a Nikon or Canon camera to the computer

Select the required product in extension and take a photo of it directly from 1C

If the frame suits you, then you can process the background and record the finished photo in 1C


Product photo with perfect white background in 1 click

Extension will take a photo of the product, remove the background and attach the photo to the selected product. What used to take 15 to 30 minutes now happens in 15-30 seconds.
Quick start

Online store launch is now 30 times faster

  • The longest process in creating an online store is photographing a large number of goods, subsequent processing in a photo editor and uploading to 1C (attaching a photo to a product card). Everyone knows that other people's photos of goods from the Internet have greatly reduced the rating of your online store in the search engines Google and Yandex, in addition to this, photos on the Internet are protected by copyright.
  • Our streaming photo upload will make this process an order of magnitude faster and cheaper. The extension will connect to the camera and upload the photo to 1C, and the Benzin neural network will remove the background from the photo and replace it with a perfectly white one. You will be able to add watermarks to your photos. After that, you can upload product photos with a perfectly white background from 1C directly to your online store.

Prices for external processing 1C

70 $
100 $
  • Free background removal on any number of products
210 $280 $
  • Free background removal on any number of products
  • Camera module (Nikon, Canon)

*Discounts are valid until June 30, 2021

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